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Lucien Georgelin Preservative Free Jams from France. Taste that’ll keep you coming back for more.

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I like the taste and quality of Almond Milk. It’s perfect! Compared to other options in the market, I can seamlessly use it for cooking, tea & coffee. Don’t change anything.

Ketan M. / Amazon Customer

Although slightly too sweet Oatwow is still very nice and creamy in taste. One of the better oatdrinks I’v had. Another plus was the quick delivery. Ordered the night before and had it delivered to me in the evening the day after.

Olsson / Website Customer

Urban Platter is one of the best suppliers of Himalayan Mineral Salt, also known as Saindhava Lavana. It is very good for health, especially high BP etc, and is far better than the sea salt available in the market under various brands.

Srivatsa / Amazon Customer

Urban Platter yeast is the best that is available in the market. Being a home baker this is nothing less than a blessing. For eg. The pizza crust is light and crunchy and taste just the same even after couple hours. 100% recommended!!!

Himgauri / Amazon Customer

I just feel Urban Platter is the best. Whenever I buy products from them I am never disappointed. Really liked the Rolled Oats. Quick delivery by Amazon.

Nikita L. / Amazon Customer

My daughter is crazy for soya chops and chaap. We have to travel 20km to get them. I made them watching cooking shooking. And they turned yummy and exceptional. Thanks urban platter and Amazon.

Poonam / Amazon Customer