Welcome to Urban Platter HoReCa.
As a food business operator, we understand the passion, effort and sincerity which goes into making your business possible. Our goal is to offer customized solutions keeping in mind the exact needs of Hotels, Restaurants and Food Catering Businesses. We’ve crafted exclusive packs, customised products, no-nonsense pricing and friendly delivery options to ease your Supply Chain bottlenecks. Our goal is to work as your partner, not merely as a supplier, while you focus on crafting the finest experiences for your customers powered by our products.
Automation, clarity and fixed terms make working with us pretty straight forward and easy. We don’t indulge in commissions for purchase managers, we don’t offer “differential” pricing for “different” customers and we most certainly don’t offer “this quality at that price”. HoReCa Supplies and handled by the same team(s) which handle our consumer business and the same amount of attention + passion go into every order which you entrust us with.
Take advantage of our sourcing power, door-step delivery and GST-Invoices to claim input tax credits. Talk to us one-on-one if you have a simple query or complex. We’re all friends here!
Looking forward to good times, great experiences and gorgeous plates full of delicious good food :)