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Breakfast Cereal Price Online

The word Breakfast means “break the fast”; our body needs a good refuelling of energy and nutrients after a fast of 8-10 hours after our last meal (dinner). A hearty breakfast gives our body all it needs to carry us through a hectic, busy day. Cooking elaborate homemade traditional breakfasts like parathas, poha, idli, etc may not fit into everyone’s daily timetable or schedule. But that should not be the reason to skip your first meal of the day; rather look for options that are quick, easy, wholesome and hassle-free!

Urban Platter is just the place to look for breakfast options that are made with the finest quality of natural and healthful ingredients. With a wide range of Breakfast cereals in the form of FLAKES, MUESLI AND OATS online available you can kick-start your day!


    • Millets, the millennial health food has made quite a noise with their uses and health benefits they offer. Urban Platter Finger Millet Flakes (Ragi Poha) and Urban Platter Ragi Cereal are made from finger millet, commonly known as ragi or nachni. It is red colored tiny millet rich in iron, protein, calcium and fibre and an age-old remedy to boost hemoglobin and as a galactagogue for lactating women. Urban Platter Finger Millet Flakes make a great alternative to regular poha or rawa for dishing out nutritious breakfasts like Ragi veg upma and ragi porridge. You can even use it to make cookies, idlis, add to granola or protein bars or simply add to parathas or dosas. It is a quick option to opt for as it gets cooked faster and is hassle-free. Using warm water or soaking beforehand further helps save time. Vegan, gluten-free, easy on the stomach with no refined sugar or preservatives added, the perfect way to make your morning healthy, wealthy and wise.
    • Moreover, replacing processed sugary flakes with something nutritious becomes easy with Urban Platter Ragi Cereal. Contains extruded Ragi flakes, Almonds, Raisins, Sugar, Honey, Banana powder, Apple powder and BHA, it indeed needs a hearty welcome on our breakfast tables! Just top it with a cup of milk or yoghurt with some added fruits and nuts for a wholesome morning meal. Feel free to be creative with Urban Platter Ragi Cereal by baking some cookies, muffins, cakes or granola bars.
    • For all those who want to add more goodness and health to your mornings, Urban Platter offers products such as Ragi Cereal flakes and Quinoa flakes and with added nuts, seeds, berries and naturally sweetened with jaggery make a wholesome cereal bowl soaked in fruit juices or milk as per your choice. These superfoods are brimming with protein, fibre and micronutrients. For a better flavour buy them fresh from Urban Platter and store them in a cool dry place. Use these flakes exclusively as a breakfast porridge or make some savoury dishes like upma, dhokla, chila, appe or even add to bhakris, theplas, missi rotis or an omelette.


    • For a hassle-free, easy-to-make breakfast for on-the-go mornings; Urban Platter Oats and Urban latter Quinoa Muesli are the most convenient and healthy alternatives. Whip up your dose of healthy eating by including Urban Platter Whole Oats Groats, rolled Oats, Broken Oats, Steel-cut Oats and Instant Oats in your dietary regime. This wonder cereal has higher fibre content that help alleviate high blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and help shed those extra kilos. They have a natural semi-sweet and nutty flavour and are best used in pilafs, porridges, upma, chilas, cakes, cookies, smoothies and stews. Urban Platter Quinoa Muesli, on the other hand is the best Vegan protein available with exciting flavour and can make a filling meal.

The wide range of Urban Platter Breakfast Cereals is available in jars of 3kg and packets of 500gm to 1kg for your convenience. With a maximum shelf life of 9-12 months, these Breakfast cereals need to be in a clean, cool and dry place. Once opened seal and store in an airtight container to enjoy your favourite bowl of nutritious cereal anytime you want.

The above reasons should be enough to choose right now these healthy breakfast cereals for your whole family. Log into the Urban Platter website and you have a wide range of healthy breakfasts online at the best prices with added benefits.

Order cereal online now at Urban Platter and let the breakfast bonanza begin!!!