New Arrivals

We’re thrilled about the upcoming new Product line-up

Listed below are products that were recently inducted into our catalog. These will be available for checkout as soon as we receive inventory. Add them to your wishlist in the meantime!

Out of stock
625.00 (incl. of tax)
Out of stock
499.00 (incl. of tax)
245.00 (incl. of tax)
580.00 (incl. of tax)
270.00 (incl. of tax)

Baking Ingredients & Flavouring

Urban Platter Natural Cocoa Powder, 250g

225.00 (incl. of tax)
340.00 (incl. of tax)
250.00 (incl. of tax)
340.00 300.00 (incl. of tax)
Out of stock

Tea, Coffee & Beverages

Urban Platter Pure Chamomile Tea, 50g

425.00 (incl. of tax)
Out of stock
220.00 (incl. of tax)
725.00 (incl. of tax)

Chocolates, Candies & Confectionary

Urban Platter Dark Chocolate Sprinkles, 400g

290.00 275.00 (incl. of tax)
350.00 (incl. of tax)
145.00 (incl. of tax)
420.00 (incl. of tax)
550.00 (incl. of tax)
650.00 (incl. of tax)
1,250.00 (incl. of tax)
375.00 (incl. of tax)
900.00 (incl. of tax)
500.00 (incl. of tax)
350.00 (incl. of tax)