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For more than a decade, Goodness Vanilla has been a name synonymous with the finest of all-natural vanilla in the world. Thanks to the considerate climate of the mystic mountains of Western Ghats and the devoted and hardworking planter community, Goodness Vanilla is one of the most preferred ingredients in cross-country cuisines today.

The story began around 1996, when the falling prices of rubber, coconut and coffee forced the desperate South Indian farmers to turn into a more profitable crop. Destiny chose Dr.Mahendran, an ardent farmer hailing from Pollachi, to cultivate a foreign orchid, that no one in the land had grown commercially or successfully before. Cultivating Vanilla, the modest orchid that produces the world’s second expensive spice after saffron, was the start of an earnest and honest effort, called the Indian Vanilla Initiative. Under the insightful leadership of Dr.Mahendran, the initiative saw Vanilla, which would be cultivated through intercropping and with a minimum investment, flourish in the salubrious environment of Western Ghats.

The Indian Vanilla Initiative and its leader now with more than two decades of experience, continue to motivate the otherwise scattered planters to produce Vanilla on a large-scale. Sooner, the Indian Vanilla Enterprise was also introduced, which began marketing Vanilla products under the brand Goodness Vanilla.

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