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Olive Oil Price Online & Its Benefits:

Giving your lifestyle a healthy turn requires changing a few habits and adopting the right methods to do so. It begins with swapping wrong foods with the minimally processed and organic ones that ensure quality and health benefits. One of the food ingredients that would qualify at the top of the list of food swaps would be the cooking oil! And so, when some wise man once stated “You are not choosing an oil you are choosing a lifestyle”, he anticipated olive oil for sure!

Olive oil, a prodigious ingredient that entails the secret of Mediterranean cuisine, is not just a cooking medium but a wealth of compounds that have abundant health paybacks. Extracted from fresh olive fruits primarily grown and cultivated in the Mediterranean region, this liquid fat is extracted from the fleshy part of the ripened fruit of the olive trees (Olea Europaea). There are more than 50 varieties of olive trees growing in different parts of the world like Spain, Italy, Greece etc and the extracted oil varies in colour, smell, and taste depending upon its source and processing technique used.

The ripe olive fruits are carefully handpicked from the trees taking care of any damage and the process of extraction begins immediately, as the fruits may oxidise or ferment within 1-2 days of plucking. The olive fruits are crushed with water to make pulp which is then continuously stirred till the oil goblets separate on the top. Alternatively, the pulp is spread on the mats that are pressed to separate the pulp from the water and oil mixture which is then further processed to extract the oil. The colour of the oil may vary from clear yellow to golden; some varieties obtained from unripe fruit have a greenish tinge. Approximately 5 kg of olives can produce 1 litre of olive oil by using different methods like the cold press, machine press or using solvents and additives depending on the desired varieties.

As the world is getting fervour about healthy cooking, Olive oil is becoming an essential ingredient in our kitchens. Gone are the days when olive oil was just a “chef’s exotic pick” for dressing salads; it is now raging as functional aid for its high nutritional profile. Several studies have reported the benefits of olive oil due to its high antioxidant and vitamin E content and fatty acid profile. It claims to fight inflammation, protect against free radical damage, prevent lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity and heart disease as well as support cognitive health and delay ageing.

As for the culinary uses, they are infinite! You can make your combinations from salad dressings to marinades and sauces for vegetables or steaks. Add at the end of cooking for a burst of flavour or simply drizzle it over a plate of pasta, noodles, or stir-fries just before serving. Also, you can add them to pesto, hummus, spreads, raw soups and dips. Some culinary experts very consciously select a particular type of oil for particular dishes to recreate the authentic flavours e.g. Greek oil for mezze whereas Spanish oil for a paella.

Our Nutrition Expert Sapna Kamdar advises using it sparingly; preferably as a dressing or a drizzle, as cooking or deep-frying destroys its heat-sensitive compounds rendering hardly any benefits. However, do not exploit it by using it for daily cooking just because it is the healthiest of oils. Calories from any fat remain the same irrespective of its source!

Now that you have learned so much about olive oil I am sure you are looking for an authentic, full of flavour version of olive oil that can spruce up your dish as well as your health. Well then, you are at the right platform- Urban Platter, one of the leading food gourmets of India that delivers simply good food! We have a variety of cold-pressed Extra virgin olive oil that has been produced from carefully selected and hand-picked healthy olives to avoid any damage to the fruit. Our goal is to enable our customers to enjoy the extraordinary taste and health benefits of pure extra virgin olive oil with low acidity and excellent quality.

The olive oils are classified by their ways of extraction, one with the highest grade is the extra virgin olive oil followed by virgin oil and finally refined oil or oil blends. Here is the range of finest olive oils Urban Platter delivers…

  • Urban Platter Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil [Hand Harvested Olives, Imported, Product Of Crete, Greece] is directly extracted from the olive fruit by cold pressing i.e., crushing the seeds at low temperature, which preserves the natural taste, flavour, pungency and nutrients. Premium Organic extra virgin olive oil is made from the finest olives in Crete. Our olives are hand-picked from selected organic olive groves. This method helps not to injure the olives during harvesting and it is the only way to ensure the highest quality product. Extra Virgin Oil has undergone zero processing, is additive-free and retains the bright green colour and the natural flavour.
  • Urban Platter Kratos extra virgin olive oil, Premium extra virgin olive oil is made from the finest olives in Greece. Urban Platter olive oil is free from any adulterants like argemone oil.
  • Urban Platter Redoro 100% Italian Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive oil is produced from a careful selection of healthy olives hand-picked at the right ripeness and processed on the same day in the production mills direct from the olive fields in Italy.

Virgin olive oil is produced from the second pressing after extra virgin olive oil is obtained whereas refined olive oil or oil blends are sometimes combined with other vegetable oils. They undergo chemical processing and lose their quality and benefits due to high-heat manufacturing methods. Be cautious while buying olive oil, make sure you read the label carefully to avoid any adulterated product and it is wise to buy from trusted platforms like Urban Platter to certify an authentic purchase. Urban Platter olive oils are packed in attractive bottles that reflect the intense green colour of the oil and preserve the fruity and flavour of the olives. Make sure to store them away from heat and light, to retain their quality and long shelf life. Once the bottle is opened, use it within a few months and again, keep it in a cool, dark place.

Log into Urban Platter and buy a wide range of oil online at your convenience, the best quality Olive Oil at reasonable prices and with attractive offers. Delivery within 24 hours in select cities. So, save that extra trip to the shopping mall, just click and buy these bottles of health and taste online.

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