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Cinnamon (Dalchini)Online in India

Made by stripping the bark from Cinnamon trees and drying them in the sun, It is a common household spice, beloved all over the world for its warm, earthy aroma and flavours. It is obtained from the bark of the Cinnamomum species of trees, that typically grow in warm, tropical parts of the world, like India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, China, Indonesia etc. The most common variety of cinnamon is produced from the Cinnamomum Cassia trees and are sometimes also referred to as cassia bark. In it’s whole form, it has a darker bark and a milder flavour. On the other hand, the bark from Cinnamomum Verum is rarer and regarded as true cinnamon. It has the familiar appearance of a smooth brown bark and a more intense flavour. Among all varieties, Ceylon Cinnamon is the most prized for its distinctive aroma & flavour.

Depending on the dish and preparation, it is commonly used in either it’s whole form, as sticks or ground to fine powder to be added to various sweet and savoury applications. Whole Cinnamon sticks are commonly used in Biryanis, Curries and Stews. Also known as Dalcheeni, it is in fact, also a vital ingredient in homemade garam masala, an Indian spice blend unique to each household.

Ground or Powdered Cinnamon is commonly used in baking cookies, cakes, muffins etc. It is so well loved that there are entire dishes that revolve around Cinnamon as the core ingredient, like the much-loved Cinnamon Rolls – a baked confection where a mixture of cinnamon & brown sugar is spread over a bread dough, rolled into a log and sliced to reveal a beautiful spiral pattern. As these rolls bake in the oven, the wonderful aroma of cinnamon fills the air.

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