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Urban Platter Active Dry Yeast Online In India

Yeast is a singe-celled organism that consumes food, primarily sugars and starch and produces carbon-dioxide gas to create a leavening effect on baked goods, which makes it rise. When baking the yeast digests the sugars and starches present in the dough to gain energy and release the gas which inflates the stretchy dough and causes it to rise, sometimes to double the original volume. This is also called proofing the dough.

There are three types of baker’s yeast: fresh yeast, active dry yeast and instant yeast. Fresh yeast is commonly used by commercial bakers as it takes longer to ferment, which suits their requirements. Active dry yeast is the most commonly available and used kind of yeast, both by commercial bakers and home cooks, as it is relatively inexpensive and also very easy to use. Instant yeast is commonly used in home cooking because it can ferment or rise twice as fast as active dry yeast

Typically, active dry yeast has larger granules compared to the finer granules of instant yeast, which is also mixed with enzymes to quicken the leavening process. In some recipes, instant yeast is preferred, as it can be added directly to the mixture, without the need to dissolve or pre-ferment it.

Remember that yeast is a living organism and can die over time, or if incorrectly stored. To find out if the yeast is still living, simply add a teaspoon to some lukewarm water (not hot), along with a pinch of sugar, stir to dissolve and set aside. After a few minutes, if the mixture appears to be bubbling, the yeast is alive and ready to use. If no bubbles appear, the yeast may have gone bad or perished. Once opened, yeast should be stored in refrigerator to extend its shelf life.

In baking, a lot recipes, especially various savoury and sweet breads call for the use of yeast. Most bakers prefer to dissolve the yeast in water with a little sugar before adding it to the flour mixture for a more even distribution. Once the dough is combined well, it is usually covered and set aside to proof (or rise) in warm spot. This is because the yeast needs the warm temperature to activate (30°-35° C is ideal). The temperature of the dough is too cold, the yeast will remain inactive. In this case, simply let the dough warm up to room temperature and the yeast should activate on it’s own. If the dough is too hot, the yeast may die and you may have to start over.

When used correctly, not only will the rise provide the desired rise to the dough, it will also add a distinct fermented flavour to the bread. The end result should be a bread that has risen in the oven, with light and airy internal honeycomb-like structure.

Trusted by many professionals and home cooks for its consistent results, Urban Platter Active Dry Yeast and Instant Yeast is perfect for savoury and sweet breads, baguettes, sour dough and other leavened baked goods, with best results every time.

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