Baking Choco Chips

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Baking Choco Chips Online in India

Chocolate chips are small chunks of chocolate used as an ingredient in many desserts such as cookies, muffins and cakes. They have also gained popularity for use in pancakes, waffles and other sweet breakfast dishes.

Choco chips are typically found in three varieties. The most popular is perhaps the milk chocolate chips, as they offer a balanced flavour of sweetness, creaminess and chocolatiness. Dark chocolate chips are usually made with 55% cocoa powder or more and will have a slightly bitter taste depending on the amount of cocoa powder used. Finally, White chocolate chips do not contain any cocoa powder, and instead get their flavour from cocoa butter, and usually richer and sweeter in taste.

Chocolate chips were first used in the 1930s in the making of chocolate chip cookies which cemented their place in the world cooking and remain to be crowd favourite to this day! Since then chefs around the world have made creative uses of Choco chips in their desserts for the unique contrasting texture and flavour in their cookies, cakes, muffins and other confections. Chocolate chips are also a popular snack, as they can be consumed as is, or added to granola bars, trail mixes, nut mixes. Chocolate chips can also be easily melted down to liquid form using a double boiler method. The melted chocolate is then used in a variety of ways from coating fresh & dry fruits, nuts, seeds and even cookies and cakes to make more unique desserts. The most capable of chefs use chocolate chips to create unique decorative shapes and artistic sculptures to garnish their dishes.

Urban Platter Chocolate Chips are made with pure cocoa butter and cocoa solids, are free from vegetable or hydrogenated fats and are 100% Vegan friendly, as they do not contain any milk solids. This makes them perfect for snacking and baking and ideal for individuals who may be sensitive or allergic to lactose. Urban Platter Chocolate Chips can be easily stored in the fridge when not in use, which will maintain their flavour over an extended period of time.

Trusted by many professionals and home cooks for its consistent results, Urban Platter Chocolate Chips are perfect for cakes, muffins, cookies, and other snacks and confections, with best results every time.

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