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Dried fruits online at Best Price

Dried fruits are quite a popular assortment across the globe. Be it Indian cuisine to Middle East cuisine or Western dishes have been used to provide a natural sweetness, flavour and appeal to any dish. As the name suggests, dried fruits are the dried version of various types of fruits! With almost all of its water content removed, the fruit shrinks during this process, leaving a small and energy-dense dried fruit. They have a much longer shelf-life and are a concentrated source of vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals when compared to their fresh counterparts.

The most commonly known dry fruits are Raisins, Dates, Prunes, Figs and Apricots, whereas the new ones to join the gang are Berries, Currants and California Prunes. Abundant in fiber and a great source of antioxidants, especially polyphenols; these tiny storehouses of nutrition are packed with natural sugars, iron, potassium, magnesium etc. A super-food which is savoured equally among kids and adults for its taste and benefits! Daily consumption of dried fruits can reap good health, help gain weight, and alleviate any oxidative damage, lower high blood pressure and cholesterol. Those suffering from any micronutrient deficiency can vouch for these whereas those who struggle with regular bowels can soak them and consume them early morning for their high fiber content. Moderation is the key; to keep a check on gobbling up extra calories.

Having known its infinite health benefits, we have made them an important part of our daily diets. They make the best snacks and are quite handy companions for long trips and hikes; just mouth a handful of these to satiate your growling stomach. Whipping up sugar-free recipes becomes so easy with healthy sugar substitutes like these. However, dried fruits are not equal in every aspect, since many commercial products use added sugar and preservatives, so you should be careful while buying them.

Urban Platter offers you a wide range of best quality dry fruits online
that promise good health and taste…all guilt-free with no added sugar, no cholesterol, no trans-fat and no additives! Urban Platter caters to your needs with a plethora of products with a variety of Apricots Like Turkish Apricots, Berries like Goji berries, dried cranberry, dried blueberry, dried raspberry etc, California Prunes, Currants, Dates, Figs and Raisins are some of the popular dried fruits available. The best quality natural ingredients are sun-dried; unadulterated with any chemicals or preservatives. Hassle-free and convenient as it can stay well without any refrigeration for a few days; however, if you desire to store bulk quantities keep them seal packed and refrigerated.

Urban Platter Dried Fruits come in multiple packages as per your convenience; from jars to zip pouches with different quantities and at the best price of dried fruits online. The packaging of these products makes sure they remain crunchy and fresh at all times. Simply ensure they are preserved in an airtight packet and stored in a cool & dry place to retain the freshness for a long time.

Let Urban Platter Dried Fruits be more than just a snack, make them your companion in wellness and health in the following ways…

    • Use raisins, apricots and berries for a healthful sugar-free milkshake and smoothie!
    • Date paste makes a handy and healthy sugar substitute to sweeten kheer, shrikhand, porridges, cakes or baby foods.
    • Soak and steep dried fruits like blueberries, raspberry etc in hot water for an infused drink or herbal tea.
    • There are plenty of pie recipes that use dried fruits like dates, prunes, cranberries, figs etc.
    • Toss dried fruits like raisins, dates, berries into salads, cutlet stuffing, koftas and gravies etc.
    • Raisins, dates and apricots go well in rice preparations like biryanis and pulaos, kheer, phirni, custard etc.
    • Pack lunch with a salad that includes beets and prunes for a crunchy change to the mundane green salad.
    • Chop them and sprinkle them in and over cakes, muffins, ice creams, protein bars, chocolates and pancakes.
    • And who does not like a spread of jam over their toast? Dried fruit jams, especially apricots, prunes and berries are the best way for kids to enjoy these nutritious fruits.

Darn your nutrient needs with Urban Platter dried fruits!

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