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Urban Platter Maple Syrup Price Online

Natural sweeteners are finding their way into our homes as healthy substitutes to refined sugar. One among the many; is Maple syrup, a natural sweetener that is made from sap extracted from the Maple tree. Besides its unique Maple and caramel flavour, it is abundant in natural sugars, B-complex vitamins, calcium, potassium and minerals like manganese, zinc etc.

Popular as an accompaniment to pancakes and waffles, Urban Platter Maple syrup surprisingly has a myriad of other uses in culinary as well…

    • As a natural sweetener for smoothies, beverages, juices and milkshakes.
    • As a healthy alternative to sugar in baked goods like cakes, bread, muffins and cookies. Get experimental with a recipe like earth day cheesecake bars or chestnut thumbprint cookies.
    • Drizzle them over yoghurt, ice cream, custard, puddings, malpuas, french toast, and even popcorn. Refer to thandai caramel custard or pecan pie custard.
    • Add flavour to plain milk or your favourite kheer or porridge, an Acai bowl or a bowl of chopped fruits or even salad dressings.
    • Glaze roasted vegetables and meat.
    • To sweeten whipped cream for decorating cakes or surprise your health-conscious friends with yummy very berry mouse cups.
    • Add a little butter to the syrup and it turns into a rich delicious cream that can add flavour and texture to sauces.
    • Or simply prepare breakfast- Top a piece of toast with some chopped fruits, cinnamon powder and drizzle some maple syrup. Whip up yummy Breakfast Granola Clusters using Urban Platter American Maple Syrup or bake Maple and oat breakfast cookies for a quick breakfast!

Comprised of natural sugars; it has a Glycemic index of 19 much lower than refined sugar. And thus, it is considered a better and healthier version for people with diabetes since it does not spike blood sugar levels quickly. Its high antioxidant content further perks up its health quotient! To reap its health benefits; one needs to ensure he is picking the “pure” or “real” Maple syrup that is made with 100% natural Maple sap and is not adulterated with high fructose corn syrup or an artificial Maple flavour.

Urban Platter is your trusted partner and one-stop destination for authentic products! and ensures pure maple syrups that are 100% pure free from additives, preservatives, or artificial flavours. They contain all the natural goodness of the sap oozed from the Maple tree without any water or sugar added. It can be stored in a cool dry place for more than 2 years until opened. Once opened, refrigerate it for year-long shelf life. Improperly stored Maple syrup can grow moulds that can be harmful to health, discard it immediately in case of any growth seen. Before using it in recipes bring the syrup to room temperature or simply warm it in the microwave for a few seconds.

Available in attractive bottles and sachets Urban Platter has the best offers available if you buy maple syrup online. Besides the fast delivery, the delivery charges are zero and you can avail the best discounts offered on Urban Platter. Make your best pick…

    • Urban Platter Pure Maple Syrup is a natural, Grade A product from Canada and has a dark robust taste with a long shelf life of 3 years. Most commonly enjoyed with pancakes; it can also be used in desserts, sauces and can blend well in various baked recipes.
    • Urban Platter American Maple Syrup, a product of the USA, is a Grade A variety that has a mild sweet taste and is made from the sap collected at the beginning of the Maple season. 100% pure; maple syrup contains no additives, preservatives, or artificial flavours and is filled with natural goodness. Drizzle it over a cup of yoghurt or ice cream for that extra treat for your taste buds.
    • Coombs Family Farms Maple Syrup; grade A variety of Maple syrup is dark in colour and has a caramel-like taste. Use it for cooking, glazing vegetables and meat, baking or as a sweetener.
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