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Peanut Butter Price Online & Its Benefits:

Peanut butter, a non-dairy spread and a wonder plant product that was not known until now; is well acknowledged in recent times by many for its taste, health benefits and uniqueness. With the Vegan industry booming with a variety of plant products; peanut butter is making its mark too as a healthier and spread over its dairy counterpart.

Peanuts have been measured as a nutritious quick-fix snack; so is the butter made from these little fellas! A spoonful of peanut butter splashed over freshly toasted bread is all one needs to beat that untimely craving. The tantalizing mouth-feel and the bursting flavours of the crunchy creamy butter make it impossible to say no to a peanut butter sandwich any time of the day. We all have our peanut butter indulgence, accept it! But for those who haven’t developed the liking or are skeptical to start; here’s what you must know…

    • Peanut butter is made by grinding fresh and lightly toasted peanuts to a creamy smooth spread. It is bountiful in nutrients like protein, fibre, healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats, and minerals like magnesium, potassium, and zinc. 
    • The healthy fats present in peanut butter foster cell growth and maintenance, immune response and reproduction. It can easily replace trans-fat rich butter. 
    • With its low sodium content and high magnesium, potassium and zinc; it can be a heart-friendly butter (moderate consumption). 
    • It is also an alternative high protein source for Vegans, an instant energy post-workout meal for gym-goers and a filling snack for weight-watchers.
    • Peanut butter also is a great source of biotin: the vitamin that supports hair and nail health.

But to provide all the above-mentioned health benefits, it should have just one ingredient which is peanuts and should be free from any preservatives and additives. Urban Platter, India’s largest gourmet grocery brand has launched a range of Natural Peanut Butter products that are unsweetened, gluten-free and made with peanuts without any added oil. Explore a wide range of Nuts & Seed Butter online at Urban Platter. Choose between the below-mentioned varieties available as per your liking and culinary use intended…

This unsweetened, gluten-free and vegan peanut butter from Urban Platter contains 28-30 gm of protein in every 100 gm serving. A serving of 15gm peanut butter provides approximately 3-3.5gm protein; use 1-2 servings per person to add protein to your diet while checking on calories and fats! Large-sized, perfectly roasted peanuts are used to make crunchy peanut butter. Consume them guilt-free as there is no added sugar, salt, or any kind of preservatives and they are also 100% cholesterol and trans-fats free. Available in a 300gm and 1 kg jar with a shelf-life of 9 months; if stored in a dry and cool place. Once opened, refrigerate it and avoid using a wet spoon.

    • Think beyond using it only as a spread on a bread slice; add to smoothies, granola bars, muffins, Effortless Overnight Oatmeal etc for energy and protein-rich post-workout meal.
    • Bake Vegan cookies, cakes and loaves of bread by adding a dollop of peanut butter as the shortening. Begin with an easy Vegan recipe like Coconut and Peanut butter Truffles.
    • Blend it well with other ingredients like hung curd, fruit purees etc for a smooth, creamy dip or salad dressing and serve with vegetable sticks or crackers as a dip to beat evening hunger pang.
    • Top some over muffins, pancakes, chapattis or crackers for a fun tiffin treat for kids! Treat them occasionally with Peanut Butter and Maple Fudge.
    • Mix in with salads, tikki mixture or add to milkshakes, gravies etc. for some variety in meals.  
    • Whip up some guilt-free healthy sweet treats like Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding or spread over a crepe and top with fresh banana slices and fresh berries.

Urban Platter’s range of natural peanut butter is for all ages and meals. Want a jar of these healthy, delicious, rich nut butters; then just visit the Urban Platter and buy peanut butter online at the best price.

Indulge guilt-free into healthy, natural and divine peanut butter spreads by Urban Platter. 

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