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Urban Platter Muesli Price Online

A good breakfast is equal to a good start to your day; it sets the right pace for your day ahead! With the morning hustle-bustle, we often tend to miss out on the most important meal of the day. But making it an everyday habit would cost us health and deprive us form essential nutrients. And hence pick something that is easy to make, convenient and above all that fuels our body with required energy, protein, good fats and other micronutrients!

Muesli is exactly what qualifies as a quick-fix morning meal, the right blend of nutrition, taste and convenience! With its roots back in the 1900s in Switzerland; Dr. Bircher-Benner curated an appetizing healthful dish rich in fruits and vegetables that could be essentially a part of the therapy for his hospital patients. A meal that is “mush like food”: muesli, however, later gained popularity in Europe, the US and worldwide as a breakfast. Many of us get confused between muesli and granola because of the similar ingredients used. Muesli is a perfect blend of raw ingredients like energy-dense and fibre-rich whole grain flakes like oats, wheat, corn and quinoa and protein packed nuts and seeds flavoured only with nutrient-rich, dehydrated fruit pieces without any added sugar or artificial flavours. Whereas granola is generally baked and flavoured with sugar, honey etc.

Raw ingredients like oats take a longer time to digest owing to the resistant starch making muesli a meal that keeps your hunger pangs and binge eating under control. And so the fitness enthusiasts, athletes, weight-watchers, doting mothers and health conscious ponder upon muesli as the wholesome choice to start the day. When you choose Muesli over other sugar-laden, calorie-dense breakfast options like doughnuts, pancakes, crepes, parathas or grilled cheese sandwiches you consume fewer calories and fat. Its high fibre content keeps your gut healthy and happy by fostering the growth of good bacteria that further enhance micronutrient absorption.

With no cooking hassle, it can be whipped up in minutes simply by adding milk (warm or cold) or yoghurt. Top it up with the fruits of your choice to further customize it as per your taste. Those who relish the crunch prefer adding milk just before eating it but those who are short on time may soak it overnight for a flavourful, soft and filling meal! Feel free to use coconut milk, soya milk or any plant milk, apple juice and chia seeds if you are a vegan! Want to get a little more adventurous, add some grated beets or carrots for a veggie twist! Muesli can be a great snack in a jar as well as an addition to desserts, muffins, ice creams, protein bars, parfaits or even used as a tart base.

Muesli is one of the healthiest foods; great for heart health, lowering cholesterol as well as shedding those extra kilos but one needs to be watchful while picking one from the shelf. Beware of the brands that load it with sugar and artificial flavours. So to make sure that what you bring home is healthy and nutritious, you need to be cautious and choose the ones that are natural and rich in nutrients.

Urban Platter, one place for 100% natural and the healthiest foods; offers quinoa muesli made with all-natural ingredients. No added sugars or fats, no added preservatives, this healthy muesli has the additional benefits of super millet like quinoa. Made from organic whole grains, dry fruits, nuts, and seeds, this light, crunchy, and wholesome blend contains approximately 5 gm of protein and 4 gm of fibre in one serving. A bowl provides energy that keeps you charged throughout the day along with the sweetness of jaggery. Start your day on a perfect note or curb that 5 pm with a bowl of URBAN PLATTER QUINOA MUESLI.

Available in airtight jars, they need a cool, dry place for storage and for lasting flavour and nutrition. Buy muesli online from Urban Platter with the best offers and best price available without any extra shipping charges, order now!

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