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Vegan Jackfruit Meat Substitute

Jackfruit is a large, spikey fruit, native to India and has been a part of the cuisine for centuries. While the matured and ripened Jackfruit can be consumed as is, or as a part of desserts, it is the unripe Jackfruit that is used as a vegan replacement for meats. It has a pale-green colour and meaty texture, while being fairly neutral in taste. In this form, Jackfruit meat readily takes on the flavours of the herbs, spices & curries it is cooked in, making it a very versatile cooking ingredient.

You could purchase fresh Jackfruit, however, it is infamous for being cumbersome to handle. Furthermore, breaking it down can be a sticky, messy and generally tricky endeavour. This is why Urban Platter’s Vegan Jackfruit Meat is available, already processed into manageable chunks that are ready to be cooked in your homemade curries, grills & stir-fries.

When cooked properly, the Jackfruit meat has a texture similar to pulled chicken or pork. Regular meat-eaters seeking to make healthful changes to their diet may find this attribute especially desirable. Along with being a good source of potassium which helps in improved muscle function, it also contains vitamin C, dietary fibres and phytochemicals. A few to name; flavonoids, saponins and tannins that has antioxidant properties to fight cancer, digestive issues and other illnesses. All of these characteristics make Jackfruit meat an ideal vegan meat substitute for regular consumption without the disadvantages of consuming animal-based meats.

Buy Urban Platter’s Vegan Jackfruit Meat online, available in variety of flavours ranging from Original, Barbecue and Malabar Curry. Making healthy vegan dishes at home now becomes so easy that too without compromising on flavour and taste. Stored in a cool, dry place, the pack will last for 12 months unrefrigerated. Once opened, it is recommended to be refrigerated and consume within 2 days.

Urban Platter is committed to provide the best quality ingredients and products. Each product goes through vigorous testing and quality checks before making them available to our customers. When you choose Urban Platter, you choose Simply Good Food.

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