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Vegan Meat Online at Urban Platter

Our body needs protein for various body functions like growth, repair and maintenance of body cells building muscles and over all well-being. We usually get our daily protein doses from natural animal sources like eggs, chicken, fish, lamb etc. However, these sources also add in unwanted saturated fats and bad cholesterol. Moreover hygiene and safety always remain a concern with animal and processed foods.

Our cultural and religious beliefs limit our choices of foods especially from animal sources whereas being vegetarian for some is a personal choice. This accounts to majority of our Indian population (approximately 80%) eating more so often a protein deficient diet!

Ever evolving and inquisitive nature of human always look for options and/or create alternatives. Vegan meat being the one among the many, it is a plant based meat that is engineered from plant proteins like Soy, Corn, Peas, Jackfruit meat etc. Its primary source being plant, the protein content in vegan meats is substantially higher, without the negative attributes such saturated fats and cholesterol. This makes it comparatively healthier and a “no –offense” food choice for religious and health conscious people. Apart from being environment friendly it also satisfies the craving of people allergic to animal meats or those who have turned vegan by choice.

Amongst the horde of vegan food options available in the market Urban Platter’s vegan meat alternatives like the Meatless Burger Patties or the Soya Chaap have been made to match the colour, taste and textures of real meat without taking too long to cook. This means that you can enjoy your favourite burgers and chaap dishes at home easily and in a no-fuss way. They are also 100% plant-based, Vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free making them suitable for all diets and palate. Pairing them with any of the Urban platters’ spice blends, seasonings, sauces or condiments would surely make them taste better!

You can buy Urban Platter Meatless Burger Patties or Soya Chaap and other vegan alternatives online at the best prices!!! Get priority delivery in Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi. Avail introductory offers and discounts on your first purchase. Urban Platter is committed to providing the best quality products at the best prices. When you buy from Urban Platter you get Simply Good Food.

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