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Urban Platter Vegan Tea Premix Online

Every household has its unique brewing style and story of “Chai” or rather sophisticatedly known as the “TEA”. For some it has been the “wake-up potion” or an “evening escape” whereas for some it has been the “gossip gobble” or a “kattewali cutting-concoction”- a means to catch up with old buddies. For some, experimenting with the taste, consistency, colour and the ingredient is fun whereas for some there is no compromise! For some dairy is intolerant for some health is important.

Urban Platter understands all your differences, problems and preferences and also knows how difficult it is to stay away from that good cup of tea. We believe “Tea is like a hug in a mug”…it can calm you, soothe you, warm you as well as cheer you! And so, we have curated a variety of VEGAN TEA PREMIXES that are convenient, dairy-free and above all taste the same as your regular chai.

Let us tell you how…

    • Tasteful it is– Urban platter vegan tea is packed with the goodness of soy creamer, instant tea extract, natural flavouring substances like elaichi, cinnamon, cloves and all other masalas. The masalas not just flavour the tea but also keep you healthy and immune to infections and when your tea boasts of all those masalas, the choice becomes even easier.
    • Convenient it is– It is an easy version of your “Ghar ki chai” minus the extra work of pounding the masalas and brewing the tea leaves.
    • Easy it is– Savour the goodness and flavour of this instant tea in no time, just add 20 gm of vegan tea premix powder to a cup, top it up gently with 80 ml of boiling water and stir!
    • Vegan and healthful it is– Made from a plant source of milk Soy, it is rich in protein and low in fat and carbs and a sure-shot alternative for lactose intolerant and fitness enthusiasts. But for those with a soy allergy should be cautious.
    • Varied it is– Find a variety of Vegan tea premix packs at Urban Platter.
      • For your personal use with health in mind; pick small pack of “No-Sugar” vegan tea premix, every serving (25g) provides calories as low as 32 calories and 0.2 gm fat, this cup of tea won’t hurt your fitness goals.
      • For travel and office; buy Tea Premix sachets at Urban Platter.
      • For commercial HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurants, Cafe) use, pick bulk quantity packs of regular masala chai or specific elaichi flavour tea
      • For flavour preferences…for spice lovers there is Masala chai, a perfect blend of masalas and for original tea lovers there is Classic chai whether you buy a 250 gm or 500 gm pack make sure you store them in a cool dry place and seal the pack well once opened.
    • Easily available it is– Buy Urban Platter Vegan Tea Premix online in India at the best price with COD facility. Available in different sizes and the quantity ranging from 250 gm to 1 kg Urban Platter; Vegan tea premix is an effortless buy!
    • Affordable it is– Avail a free delivery for premium quality Vegan Tea Premix at a pocket-friendly price online at Urban Platter.

When we say “Urban Platter…Simply good food”…We mean it and Urban Platter Vegan Tea premix is one such example, to begin with!

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