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Urban Platter Oat Milk Price

Some time ago a wise man (an animal lover) said…”there is always something to be thankful for”. Urban Platter OatWOW classic Oat beverage is one dairy alternative he was surely referring to. Extracted from 100% wholesome grain rolled oats it is rich in fibre, protein, calcium, vitamins B and D. It is lactose-free, cholesterol-free, soy-free, and nut-free, making it highly advantageous for masses with dietary restrictions and/or with allergies and intolerances. It can be a safe choice for children, especially those who are lactose intolerant; however, cannot be recommended solely for infant use or as infant food.

Beta-glucan, a soluble fibre abundantly found in oat milk may help lower cholesterol, reduce blood sugar spikes, enhance gut health and boost immunity. Highly nutritious and light on the stomach, just one serving of (200 ml) fulfils 20% Calcium, 8% Vitamin D, 6% Vitamin B12 and 7% Dietary fibre of your Daily RDA requirement. This plant-based milk has an ultra-creamy texture and delicious flavour, making it a fabulous substitute and healthy indulgence. Commercially made oat milk is readily available however if you wish to roll up your sleeves and give it a try at home it may not be as easy as it may seem. Over blending oats could result in slimy, frothy imparting an undesired texture and making it unpalatable.

Be vigilant while you buy oat milk from the market or any online platform, do not buy a leaky or a puffed packet. It is wise to check the expiry date as well as other valuable label details to ensure a safe buy. So, choose the perfectly made best oat milk from Urban Platter without any worry. As we at Urban Platter ensure your health safety by providing products that pass through multiple quality checks and tests. Any defect or damaged product can be immediately returned back with our no-hassle return policy.

Urban Platter’s Oat milk is Creamier with a better mouth feel and is barista grade that blends perfectly well in smoothies, coffee, chai, lattes, cereal, protein shakes, breakfast oatmeal etc. “Buy Urban Platter Oat Milk Online” is a synonym to “Buy Oat Milk online” in India at the best price.

We just do not make claims, we in fact prove with a unique range of oat milk recipes curated by our chefs and verified by our Nutrition Expert. Make it a part of your grocery list as there is something stored in for everyone, here’s how…

Concerned about the health of your better half? Simply bake your confectionaries like Vegan chocolate cupcakes with this great substitute making it 2x times healthier.

  • Tired of thinking ways to satiate your little one’s sweet tooth?There’s chocolate cupcake for just that.
  • Need something traditional for elder members of the family? Whip up sweets like Kheer, payasam, sheera etc and let them shower all the love on you for this.
  • Is everyone turning Vegan in the family? Fret not, simply replace the usual dairy milk with nutritious oat milk to make some Vegan Rose falooda or use it for pancakes or pour over their favourite cereals.
  • Unannounced guests or friends? Throw in some fresh or frozen berries for a flavoured oat milkshake or a tablespoon of cocoa powder for a chocolaty drink as a quick-serve.
  • Too tired to make anything for you? Simply flavour it by drizzling a little maple syrup or honey for a relaxing evening meal or piping hot oatmeal cutting chai or filter coffee is what you just need!

Here’s to More Wow per OatWOW!