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Urban Platter Coconut Milk

Urban Platter brings you a creamy, rich, delicious milky potion straight from the South! made using only coconuts and water, makes it a 100% pure and vegan dairy alternative. Unadulterated with any additive, preservative, sweeteners or artificial flavours keeps its natural slightly sweet and nutty flavour intact.

Vegan or not vegan, coconut milk offers numerous health benefits and delight to home cooks and chefs! The myth breaker fact is- It is gluten-Free, lactose-Free, Trans Fats and Cholesterol Free and most importantly Guilt-Free! It is a rich source of Calcium, Vitamin D, potassium, protein and is safe to use for people suffering from diabetes, insulin resistance or heart ailments however, keep the portion small and relish it occasionally. It is rich in natural fatty acid – Lauric acid that has moisturizing effects that restore dry hair and scalp prevents hair loss and repair damaged hair by conditioning it. Extremely gut-friendly and a natural immune booster it can be recommended for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) as well as for women with hormonal imbalance.

The shiny-silky and dense extract come from the fresh meat of mature brown coconuts that are crushed with water and pressed. The first extract is commonly known as first milk and is of thick consistency. Adjust its consistency by adding water as the recipe requires. It is an integral part of Thai and Indian cuisines for its versatility to adapt to any sweet or savoury preparation. It blends well and imparts that desired rich and creamy texture to the dishes.

You can find Coconut milk easily in supermarkets, food malls or even online on various platforms. If grocery shopping is a fussy errand for you; get premium quality coconut milk prices online at Urban Platter. Order now and stock up your pantry with a few packs of the best coconut milk for baking from URBAN PLATTER, make sure to check all the label details once bought. It is available in a compact 250 ml serving size tetra pack that makes it convenient and hassle-free to store. Use the desired quantity as per the recipe, store the remaining in the refrigerator and use it within 3 days. Urban Platter ensures the best baking coconut milk that can be used in the ways listed below…

  • Surely Soup it- with broccoli, carrot, or winter squash! Choose your match. Make sure you add it at the end and do not over boil to curdle it. Fiery Noodle soup is just one of the many ways to soup it!
  • Casually Curry it- adding Asian masalas and pair with any Indian bread like appam, chapatti or steamed rice for the most comforting meal. Just like Vegan Khow Suey, Thailand’s original curry!
  • Innovatively Ice it to beat the heat with your choice of fruits, nuts and coconut milk popsicles. A fun addition to your little one’s menu!
  • Bindaas…Bake it for the rich flavour and texture it brings in cookies, cakes, crackers and macarons like French coconut Macarons
  • Carefully Cream it to get slight fluff over a latte or smoothie. You can try by using the top thick layer of the milk on opening the pack (as the liquid and cream separate on long standing) and beat it well using a hand beater for the required creamy and frosty texture. And if doing so seems much of an effort; simply shake the pack well before opening it for a well homogenized milky liquid.
  • Blissfully blend it- with seasonal fruits of your choice for a refreshing and fulfilling beverage, dip or as a dessert.
  • Bravefully brew it to make your dairy-free vegan chai or coffee.

And the ways to use this unique ingredient is uncountable! So, make your purchase of coconut milk online at Urban Platter.

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