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Fresh Tofu Online at Urban Platter 

We have often heard about tofu but hesitated to try it! Its striking resemblance to our very own paneer has not been enough to convince us to opt for this protein-rich chunk quite often. Tofu has been a staple of Asian, Chinese and world cuisines for hundreds of years due to its high nutritional value and has recently gained its glory as a Vegan dairy alternative. Vegans and vegetarians are often posed with difficulties about meeting their daily protein requirements and thus tofu gets much-deserved recognition as a reliable source.

So, what exactly is Tofu? It is a creamy, versatile, dairy-free substitute for paneer made from soybeans and is also known as Soybean curd. It is an excellent source of proteins, calcium and iron and is low in carbohydrates, fats and calories. Some studies have suggested that tofu helps in lowering the risk of heart disease by reducing the bad cholesterol and its beneficial phytoestrogens help menopausal women to relieve a few symptoms.

Tofu has a subtle and mild flavour and can easily soak in any flavour. Combine it with any recipe and it takes on the taste and flavour of your spices and marinades to enhance the appeal of the dish. It is a versatile ingredient that can be used for both sweet and savoury dishes. It comes in different textures, from silky soft to firm and extra firm; different textures of tofu come in handy in different cooking preparations.

While tofu has enjoyed all the glory on the world’s platter for a long time; Indians have only recently been inquisitive and experimental with tofu. Indian cuisine still needs to adopt this bean curd as a part of its daily cuisine. So, let us start now with Urban Platter, a food platform that offers you a variety of vegan, low calorie, high in protein, fresh Tofu; available in different flavours and textures.

The products contain zero cholesterol and no preservatives, as healthy as they can get! Choose the one from the variety of tofu available right from the soft, silken firm, firm and extra firm to flavoured tofu with the added flavour of carrots, ginger, peanuts, cilantro etc. The nutritionally packed Himalayan black tofu made with black soybeans is a nutrient powerhouse. Amongst the lot, Urban Platter Organic Tofu is the best available to suit your palate and your health needs. Available in 600g pack, it stays fresh for more than 30 days and every 100g provides as good as 14.5g protein!

Cube it, slice it, grate it or mash it, its taste, texture and nutrition stay intact! And here are a few of the ways how you can incorporate tofu into your kitchen; it can be enjoyed in any number of dishes such as…

  • Vegetables, curries, koftas, gravies etc. and all those dishes that use paneer. Organic Tofu Korma with a phulka makes a wholesome lunch.
  • It very well fits into the desi palate via pulao, biryani, poha, Khichadi, parathas etc.
  • Blend it into the hot, spicy tomato soup or sweet, nourishing smoothies.
  • Toss some with exotic veggies or throw some in salads.
  • Coat the pieces with some besan and spices for a plate of hot, savoury pakoras or make a protein starter like Crispy Chinese Tofu
  • Scramble them with vegetables for our desi bhurji.
  • Go Vegan and add some finely chopped, succulent pieces to soups like Vegan Khow Seuy and dals, or use as pizza toppings.
  • A low-carb ingredient that can make the keto diet an easy affair…with recipes like Keto-friendly Mexican Tacos.
  • A perfect protein partner for kids’ recipes like tikkis, pops, sandwiches, burgers and noodles. Try the Thai Basil Tofu Noodles using firm tofu block and see your little ones gobbling it all!
  • Fancy and fun go hand in hand with the International recipes like Dubi-jorim Korean braised tofu, South East Asian Risotto bowl or a Japanese Tofu Scramble

So, what are you waiting for? Buy Tofu Online with free delivery and 24 hours delivery in Metro cities just at Urban Platter. Tofu is available online with the best deals and & offers. Grab the freshest lot and whip up a Tofu Treat!!!

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