Mango Butter: A Great Choice for Skin Care


Mango butter also known as mango kernel fat or mango oil is an oil fraction obtained during the processing of mango butter. The oil which is semi-solid at room temperature, but melts on contact with the skin is extracted from the stone of the fruit, Mangifera indica. The oil is light yellow in colour with a melting point of 32-42 °C.

Extraction Process

Fat is extracted from dried mango kernels by hydraulic pressure, or by solvent extraction. In solvent extraction, hexane, a liquid hydrocarbon, is used as the extraction medium. The collected mango stones are washed with well-water soon after collection. After washing, the seeds are sun dried to reduce the moisture content to 12-15%. The dried seed stone is roasted in a drum roaster and the hull is removed mechanically, or manually by beating with wooden clubs. The separated kernels are crushed into small pieces in a hammer mill. The mango kernel pieces are conveyed to a pellet making machine and pellets are formed. The pellets are cooled to room temperature in a cooler and are conveyed to the solvent extraction plant.

Mango Butter: A Great Choice for Skin Care - Urban Platter
For Sunburns

The time of year people get to enjoy warm weather is also the time for sunburns! When your skin is exposed to the sun for a period of time, eventually it burns, turning red and irritated. Rubbing the mango butter between your palms to melt it and then gliding it onto your skin is ideal for healing sun-damaged skin and sunburns.

Good for Dry Skin

It hydrates skin, plumps it up and prevents dry itchy and tight skin. It’s perfect to be used as a hand cream, face cream or body moisturizer.


Mango Butter: A Great Choice for Skin Care - Urban Platter
Mango Butter: A Great Choice for Skin Care - Urban Platter
Source of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is the most beneficial vitamin needed by the body for revitalization. Mango butter is a natural source of vitamin A, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, thereby giving a glowing look.

Soothes Bug bites

Stings and bites from insects are common which often result in redness and swelling. Mango butter is very soothing for bug bites. It heals the skin, stops itching and reduces inflammation. So, next time you get a bug bite just dab a little mango butter on bug bites.

Mango Butter: A Great Choice for Skin Care - Urban Platter
Mango Butter: A Great Choice for Skin Care - Urban Platter
DIY Mango Butter Skin Cream
  • 1 cup shea butter
  • 1/2 cup mango butter
  • 1/2 cup almond oil
  • 20-25 drops of essential oil
  1. Place the mango and shea butter in an oven proof glass bowl.
  2. Fill a pot with a couple of inches of water and place the glass bowl inside, do not let the water get inside the bowl.
  3. Whisk the ingredients over medium heat until melted.
  4. Once the butters are completely melted, carefully remove the glass bowl.
  5. Stir in almond oil and essential oil.
  6. Wait for the bowl to cool and then place in the freezer to chill for 20 minutes.
  7. Whip with an electric mixer until you have soft peaks and a creamy texture.
  8. Spoon into a glass jar and cover tightly.
  9. Store in a cool place or in the refrigerator (should keep for 4 – 6 months).
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