Know why Copper Vessels are Best for you!

The three basic necessities in life: water, shelter and food. Water being the most essential element in life. Water intended for human consumption should be safe and free from microbes. But nowadays, unsafe water is a major concern in many developing countries. Although many purification methods exists, they are beyond the reach of people. The use of copper vessels has been use since ages for microbially contaminated water. But are they safe to use? How effective are they?

According to Ayurveda copper vessels have the ability to balance all the three doshas in our body(vata, kapha and pitta). Copper is one of the essential metallic elements required for proper metabolic functioning of the body.

Did you know?

The water stored in copper vessel is known as "Tamara Jal".

Earlier yogis would carry their “kamandalam” i.e. a copper vessel with them and used to have water from that vessel only. They believed that copper is the ideal material for charging water positively and is known for balancing the three doshas of our body. It is believed that copper possesses Oligodynamic process which is known to destroy all the micro-organisms like virus and bacteria in it thus making it fit for drinking.

Secondly, when water is stored in copper bottle, the copper gently leeches into the water thereby killing bacteria and improving immune system. The duration of water to be stored in copper bottles should be 8 hours. I remember by grandfather storing water in a copper vessel overnight and drinking it first thing in the morning. Moreover,it aids in weight loss. Try drinking water in a copper vessels on regular basis.

How to clean copper vessels?

Copper oxidizes naturally and needs to be cleaned at regular intervals. Traditional methods of cleaning copper include rubbing the copper with a mixture of salt and tamarind paste or fresh lemon juice. Allow your water to remain in the jug overnight or at least 8 hours for best effects.

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