Jaggery or Gur -10 Essential Health benefits

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                     Jaggery or gur is made from unrefined sugar and is obtained by boiling raw concentrated sugarcane juice till it solidifies. It’s used in both sweet and savory dishes; a pinch of jaggery is sometimes added to sambar, dal, and other Indian staples a sweet element balancing the spicy, salty and sour components. Jaggery contains many minerals not found in ordinary sugar, and is considered beneficial to health by the traditional Ayurvedic medical system.
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1.Good for digestion after heavy meal
Consuming jaggery after a heavy meal aids digestion, by stimulating digestive enzyme secretions.
2.Effective for weight loss
If you are thinking to shed those extra pounds then you should go for jaggery! It is effective for weight management.
3.Instant source of energy
The best part about jaggery is that it is gradually digested and absorbed by your body unlike white sugar. So next time If you are feeling weak or lethargic, eat a piece of jaggery which acts as an instant source of energy.
4.Treats Cough and cold
Jaggery is known for its ability to naturally treat a cough and cold effectively. Mix 2 tablespoons of crushed jaggery with 10-12 black peppercorns and eat it two times a day. Or mix it with warm water and drink up, or even add it in your tea instead of sugar to reap the benefits. Sucking a small piece of jaggery before bed can relieve you of cold during sleep.
5.Relieves Joint Pain
If you often suffer from aches and pains drinking a glass of milk with jaggery everyday is also recommended to help strengthen the bones, thus preventing joint and bone problems such as arthritis.
6.Boosts Immunity
Jaggery is loaded with antioxidants and minerals like zinc and selenium, which help prevent free-radicals (responsible for early ageing). It helps boost resistance against infections, hence building stronger immunity.
7.Get rid of hiccups
Crush jaggery and mix it with ginger powder. Eat this mixture with warm water to get rid of hiccups.
8.Relieves Menstrual Pain
Jaggery is a natural healer for easing off menstrual pain and cramps as it is rich in vital nutrients. It also boosts the production of endorphins in the body to help you relax and prevent pre-menstrual syndrome. Jaggery is also life-giving, and soul-sustaining. In rural Maharashtra and Karnataka, water and a piece of jaggery are given when someone comes home from working under a hot sun.
9.Prevents from Anemia
Gur and chana or jaggery and gram should be eaten at least once a week regularly especially women in order to get prevented from anemia as the combination of both is the richest source of iron and folic acid. It is a good idea of eating gur with roasted chana to avoid taking iron and folic acid pills or tablets or other supplements.
10.Strengthens Bones
Taking jaggery with milk helps in making bones strong and provides relief from the bone and joints problem.
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Jaggery Coconut Barfi
Coconut 1 cup fresh grated
½ cup Jaggery Crumbled
1 teaspoon Cardamom powder
1 teaspoon Ghee
  1. To begin making the Coconut Jaggery Burfi recipe, add ghee, grease a plate and keep aside. Take coconut and jaggery in a pan and cook in medium flame stirring with ladle.
  2. Add cardamom powder and mix. Keep stirring continously into the mixture starts coming together leaving sides of the pan.
  3. Remove from flame and add the coconut mixture to a greased plate. Spread and level the surface.
  4. Allow to cool a bit. Cut into squares when it is warm. It becomes slightly firm when cooled. Decorate with nuts if needed and serve.
  5. Serve Coconut Jaggery Burfi for desserts.
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Puffed rice bar
2 cups puffed rice
¼ cup mixed dry roasted & chopped Nuts
3 tablespoon dry grated coconut (kopra)
½ teaspoon cardamom seeds/pods powdered
¾ cup jaggery
Butter melted to grease the tray
  1. To prepare Puffed Rice Bar Recipe, begin with all the ingredients organised handily. Heat a pan and add jaggery into it. Stir continuously until it gets smooth and shiny.
  2. Now add puffed rice, mixed nuts, shredded coconut, and green cardamom powder one by one. Mix well.
  3. Turn off the heat and transfer the mixture into a greased tray/ cake tin. Use wet hands to press puffed rice bar down to even out the surface.
  4. Cut these sweet Puffed Rice Bar into desired shapes to enjoy the crunch at tea time or pack it to your kids’ school box to make a snack-pack.
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  1. Braden - Hemolytic Anemia says:

    Well, I wasn't aware of all those benefits of jaggery that you have mentioned i was eating it since long time but only know that it's richest source of iron and improves digestion. Thanks to you that now i know many other benefits which makes it more delicious.

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