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Frequent Questions

Shipping FAQs

Tracking details are emailed to you as soon as we ship your order. If you cannot find the email in your inbox, we highly recommend that you check the spam folder.

Since we are a Gourmet & Grocery Brand, we rely completely on third party logistics companies for delivering the orders.

Disclaimer: Please note that all updates related to delivery and tracking are solely controlled by logistics partners and we have limited influence over their processes. You may experience delays at times that can take up to additional 1-3 days. Urban Platter Support team will work actively with the logistics provider to resolve the delays on your behalf.

Sure, we understand that auto-fill options in browsers can sometimes input incorrect addresses. Please raise a ticket mentioning the correct shipping address as soon as possible.

Yes! We offer same-day delivery in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore. If your shipping address happens to be from one of these, chances are you may get the products within a few hours! Please verify the “Ships from” information for your products during checkout to ensure they are getting shipped from the same city.

Payment FAQs

These types of scenarios are very common and we understand that they can be really confusing. Please find the following explanation:

Payments require establishing encrypted communication between the customer’s banking partner (yours) and merchant’s banking partner (ours). At times, due to delays and general downtime at either of the banks, the communication of the transaction does not get captured completely between the banks which results in incorrect deduction of funds or double charges.

In such cases, the amount that has been deducted from your account is returned back to your account in 5-7 working days as and when the banks reconcile their statements.

Cash on Delivery is available only on orders above Rs. 500.

Cash on Delivery is unavailable if you are using Account Wallet credits to pay for your order.

Additionally, a small amount of products do not qualify for COD. Please visit your Cart page to double check if these products are present in your cart.

We have provisions for accepting credit cards in International Currencies. Please select Razorpay or Stripe at the time of checkout. In case of failures, please report the issue.

Cancellation & Refund FAQs

Due to the nature of the items we offer, it is not possible to opt for refunds or returns once the product is consumed. However, if you have genuine issues with the product, please get in touch with us with as detailed information as possible including product images, batch number of the product etc to make your case.

Orders once placed cannot be cancelled. You accept to these terms before placing an order with us.

However, if you have a genuine reason please contact us and we will certainly consider the cancellation request.

Kindly note, we’ve received and dismissed a few cancellation requests based on customers finding cheaper deals at other marketplaces. It is important to understand that good quality products come at a price and we put sincere efforts in sourcing that from across the world.

Kindly accept our sincere apology for the poor experience. We will replace all the items that got damaged during transit. In case if they are out of stock, we will be issuing Refunds for the same.

Order FAQs

Orders details are emailed to you as soon as we receive the payment. If you cannot find the email in your inbox, we highly recommend that you check the spam folder.

All orders are shipped from our end within 24hrs of receipt. We rely on third-party logistics providers for updates on orders and sometimes there are delays due to technical issues.

If it is extremely urgent, please contact us and our customer support team will get you all the necessary details.

Products are shipped from either or all of our 4 warehouses in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata. This information is provided during checkout as well. Hence, if you have only received a part of your order, you will receive the rest of the products in another shipment.

Note: We do attach multiple tracking details in the email updates. If the email has not arrived in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

Account FAQs

Please reset your password by clicking on the Forgot Password link visible at the login screen. Delivery of emails depends on your Service provider like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and we highly advice you to check the spam folder if our email does not show up in your inbox.

It is important that you stay logged in your account during checkout. As we do offer Guest Checkout for customers that like to maintain their privacy, it is highly possible that you may placed an order via Guest Checkout.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to link your order to the existing account.

In order to maintain privacy of our customers, our systems automatically delete accounts and the personal data related to it on inactivity for 9-12 months. If you would like to hold an account with us, we request you start fresh by registering a new one.

Terms FAQs

Please visit our privacy policy page here.

We use your personal data that you provide us during the checkout process for fulfilment of your orders and a limited marketing communication from time to time. For detailed understanding, please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Please visit our Terms & Conditions page here.

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