Why Balsamic Vinegar is a must-have in your kitchen

Close your eyes for a few seconds and try to imagine yourself walking down the stone-paved streets of Italy. As you pass a few pizzerias and grizzly butcher shops, a familiar aroma completely encompasses your mind. It has the robust earthiness of red wine and you can feel the warmth take over your body. Now, these adjectives might feel slightly overextended but we at Urban Platter simply get THIS excited every time we use our Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. Follow along with our Chef as he talks you through why you must have this bottle as part of your pantry.

The making of Balsamic Vinegar can be condensed to “vinegar made by aging red wine”. But this definition does not do justice to the traditional ways of the people of Modena. Centuries ago, a part of the grape juice being used for making red wine would be set aside and reduced down to a glaze. This reduction would be stored in wooden barrels to slowly ferment and age into what we know as Balsamic Vinegar. Our Balsamic Vinegar hails from its birthplace of Modena and is simply one of its kind. .

The intense flavor and mellow acidity of balsamic can change any dish with just a few drops. In your kitchen, this Italian elixir should hold a permanent place in the pantry. Use it to make a creamy yet tangy dressing for your salad greens. Season the dressing with oregano and basil and you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the warm breeze of the Sicilian outdoors.

A great use of Balsamic vinegar is in the form of a glaze. To make this, add about 2 cups of vinegar in a pot and reduce it over a low flame until it reduces to about ½ cup and has a syrupy consistency. Glaze your vegetables with this or simply dip a piece of crusty sourdough bread in!

The most classic combination of Balsamic is in the form of a Caprese salad that consists of tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese, and basil.

Head over to our website where you can find not only Balsamic vinegar but all of the ingredients that we have listed above. Happy Cooking!

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