There’s a new sweetener taking the world by a Tropical storm!

Mesopotamian civilizations were formed on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates river, which constitutes present day Iraq and Egypt. The earth and our world has changed a lot through the centuries but there is one thing that is still common between these ancient civilizations and our modern times. We are talking about the pruned tropical fruit of our dreams, the Date! Now, there are several reasons why dates have been around for thousands of years so let’s take a look at a few of them!

The dates that we know and love are made from the fruits of date palm trees that grow particularly well in tropical environments. They undergo a drying process which changes its appearance into the dark coloured and wrinkled, chewy dried fruit that we consume. Some of the best dates in the world come from middle-eastern and African countries such as the ones mentioned above. The process of drying concentrates the natural sugars of the date fruit and gives it its distinct flavor. Dates are also used in the production of an age old sugar alternative known as date syrup. There is mention of this sweet syrup in ancient mesopotamian scriptures where it is referred to as “fruit honey”.

Dried dates are cooked in water to soften their texture and then blended into a syrup removing all of the impurities, the pith and the stringiness of the dates. We at Urban Platter wholeheartedly endorse this sugar alternative due to its immense health benefits and impeccable taste. Date syrup is rich in antioxidant and antibacterial qualities as well as in essential vitamins and minerals. As compared to other sugar alternatives such as honey and maple syrup, it fares better in several trace minerals and dietary fiber.

There is literally no comparison between date syrup and table sugar when it comes to health benefits because of the pure simplicity of the process of making date syrup. So next time you reach for the excruciatingly processed, bleached and unhealthy white sugar, think again! Date syrup is great for your health, regulating sugar levels and it also tastes fantastic!

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