Jackfruit Meat – The Next Big Thing

A big, ogre-like, thorny fruit has been an underappreciated part of the Indian culture for centuries. Growing in backyards of pretty colonial houses in the coastal regions of Southern and Western culture, Jackfruit has always been a part of local diets, but it is only just gaining popularity throughout the country and surprisingly all over the world. Even though jackfruit is a fruit with a mind-boggling texture that feels like a hybrid of banana and pineapple and the sweetness of nectar when ripe, it is the unripe version that is gaining surprising popularity.

Unripe jackfruit lacks the flavor and aroma of fully ripe jackfruit but it is the texture of the fruit that has made it one of the most popular meat substitutes of the world. The stringy and chewy texture of this coastal giant is a great mimicry of chicken and other meat preparations like pulled pork. According to the Nutrition Business Journal, 25% of American consumers chose to decrease their intake of meat between 2014 and 2015, and sales for meat alternatives essentially doubled from $69 million in 2011 to $109 million in 2015. Similar trends are being observed in India as a large chunk of the consumer base is becoming more educated on the harmful effects of meat consumption on the body as well as on the earth.

There are many companies in India that are endorsing the pivot into the use of meat alternatives and Urban Platter has been at the forefront of this movement. We have been in love with the benefits of jackfruit, both nutritional and environmental. Jackfruit meat is a natural plant-based dietary fiber source and is extremely high in potassium. This aids in hydration, maintaining blood pressure, and muscle movement.

For the longest time in India, jackfruit was considered to be a weed because of its astonishingly low-maintenance cultivation process. It does not require a lot of water and is quite brawny, making it immune to pests and insects. A single jackfruit has enough flesh to feed a family of four for a couple of days and it can be consumed as a fruit, as a snack and in curries.

We believe that Jackfruit is the next big thing in the vegan and meat-alternative industry and we are on a mission to educate our consumers of its benefits. Click on the product links below or head over to our website to get your hands on this revolutionary alternative.

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